It's been a busy time for our Chelmsford City Councillors, Ian and Keith, who have been active at various meetings in relation to the plans for development throughout the Chelmsford area, include the proposed large development site to the North of the Town. There is to be a consultation on the "Planning Inspector's Major Modifications" this was originally scheduled by the City Council's Liberal Democrat administration to be carried out during the main August holiday period. Our councillors argued that it be delayed to give all residents a better chance of commenting on the proposed modifications to the plan. Whilst a postponement wasn't accepted, it was agreed that the summer holidays may cause some difficulties for residents to respond, and as a concession the consultation will now be extended to seven weeks rather than the statutory six weeks. Additionally, the City Council is proposing a number of Additional Modifications to the submitted Local Plan. These do not affect the soundness of the Local Plan and are in the main factual updates. The consultation will start from 1 August 2019, when documents will be made available online, and will also be available for inspection during normal opening hours in local libraries and at the City Council’s Customer Service Centre, Civic Centre, Duke Street, Chelmsford, CM1 1JE. The intention of the City Council is to formally adopt the plan at their 11th December meeting, subject to the Planning Inspectors comments on the consultation. We urge residents to look at the changes proposed and make comments, it’s the last throw of the dice - although I must stress that any comments on matters not put forward by the inspector will be rejected. Further details on how to get involved, can be found in the [Newsletter]( and [Statement of Representations ](