The developer, Countryside has now submitted a revised Transport plan to Chelmsford City Council (CCC) Planning department and this is now available to all residents and interested parties for consultation before the application is determined. Originally a three-week consultation period was proposed by CCC, this has now been extended thanks to our City Councillor Ian Roberts who requested an extension to the end of November. The extension has been agreed and will now run until 10th December.

The applicant will need to demonstrate to the satisfaction of both CCC and ECC, the Highway Authority, that the impact of their proposed development can be appropriately mitigated. Revisions and solutions will need to be provided for individual junctions that might otherwise become overcapacity with the additional development traffic.

Your Local Councillors will be looking at the revisions over the coming weeks and making appropriate comments to CCC. However, residents are urged to take some time and make their own comments to CCC to make sure all aspects are covered.

Residents may like to look at the non-technical summary of the Transport Assessment for this planning application. Go to: CCC Planning and enter the ref: 21/01961/OUT in the search box. Choose the Plans & Documents tab and then 'click to view...' If you filter the files using 'transport' you will find it more easily as there are lots of documents.