Jill Winn

Potholes are a perennial problem all over the country as they are in South Woodham. Highways Authorities, in our case Essex County Council, claim that they have insufficient funds to fix them. In South Woodham the road between the level crossing and Warwick Parade is particularly dire to such an extent that someone had put a traffic cone in one of the holes. Thankfully, somebody from Highways was listening and two of the deepest potholes have now been repaired. Unfortunately, ONLY TWO. There are a whole load of others in the vicinity which were left unfilled – some had even been sprayed orange to mark them for repair! Why is it then that Highways decided to resurface a perfectly good Ferrers Road, between the Albert Road roundabout and Shaw Farm when they cannot repair roads that are far more urgent? The County Council will say that resurfacing comes under a different budget heading from repairs but surely it is not beyond the wit of our elected representatives to get funds diverted from one heading to another to get these urgent repairs carried out here and all over Essex. If you think these priorities are wrong why not contact your County Councillor Bob Massey and let him know your thoughts. Sam Coley.