Jill Winn

When you read this, you should have received a polling card from Chelmsford City Council for the referendum on 21st October to decide whether the plan should be adopted and become part of all future planning.

There will be only one question which requires a YES or NO response from those who vote. The question is reproduced below:

“Do you want Chelmsford City Council to use the neighbourhood plan for South Woodham Ferrers to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area.”

The plan has been developed over several years by the Town Council in consultation with many members of the community covering all aspects of SWF life.

The Neighbourhood Plan cannot change the Chelmsford Local Plan for development in the north of our town or the Burnham Road highway infrastructure as that is against the ethos of Neighbourhood plans as laid out in the government legislation.

The plan covers the whole of South Woodham and contains policies for:

  • Improving the town Centre
  • Movement around the town
  • Improvement of and additional accessible green spaces
  • High quality building design – particularly pertinent to the northern development

Once agreed the plan will be used to ensure that the aspirations of our community are fulfilled, we will also receive 25% of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) as opposed to 15% if the plan is not adopted.

More information can be found here Chelmsford City Council or in our library.

It is this financial support that will allow the necessary projects to be carried out right across the town, so it is important to vote YES in the coming referendum.

We are united in urging you all to please vote YES on 21st October.

Cllrs: - K Bentley, P Hughes, A John, B Massey, I Roberts & M Sismey