Jill Winn

The Summer is nearly upon us and we thought it might be a good time to take a look around our neighbourhoods and see what the state of the town's pavements and footways are. So, for the month of June we propose an open competition for the title: 'Roughest Pavement in Town'.

Once you have identified which stretch of pavement around your area would benefit from a make-over, go to our Facebook Page (use ICON at top right of page) and post your comment below our PAVEMENT COMPETITION post. You need to say which road you are nominating, which side of the road and between which points (e.g. house numbers). At the end of June we will take a look at all your nominations and decide on finalists, one for each of the 4 wards (Chetwood, Collingwood, Elmwood and Woodville) and an overall winner for the whole town.

All 4 finalists will be communicated to Essex Highways and our Essex County Councillor Bob Massey with a request that some much-needed remedial work be undertaken.