With a much more open contest this time round our 4 candidates missed out by a whisker to the main party candidates. Jackie Birch was only 7 votes away from 3rd spot in the Chetwood and Collingwood ward and Keith Bentley only 9 away from holding onto his seat in Elmwood and Woodville. Our progress in the south of the town is probably the only positive to take out of a disappointing result overall.

However, we are committed to seeing our new City councillors do their best for South Woodham Ferrers by showing up at meetings, speaking up for the town wherever they can and keeping their pre-election pledges. We will be keeping an eye on things ourselves and speaking as residents where issues that affect the town are being discussed. Although we no longer have any City Council members we will continue to be a voice supporting our residents where issues relating to services, planning and facilities arise.

The results in each ward were as follows:

Chetwood and Collingwood Ward

Elmwood and Woodville Ward

We believe we offer the best representation for the town as we aren't tied to national party interests and speak solely on things local people care about. We need more of you to stand with us in this. If you want to find out more about us please get in touch. Contact details are on our Membership page.