Cllrs. Bentley and Roberts attended. A recording of this meeting can be found at: Cabinet 18th October 2022

There will be a Special Council meeting on Wednesday 9th November to elect a new mayor following the recent death of Cllr. Galley.

Cllr. Bentley requested that CCC have an officer dedicated to the interests of SWF. To be followed up with the Leader of the Council.

Self and Custom Build Register

This is to become a 2 part affair where Council officers will apply a locality test and give those who live/work locally first options on available plots. The new scheme comes into effect on 13th December 2022. There are expected to be around 50 allocations for the development site north of the Burnham Road.

S106 Allocations

£5.7 million to be used for various projects around the district including some work on the rugby club pavilion and sports pitches at Saltcoates and Compass Gardens (just over £5000). Cllr. Roberts queried why the work agreed from the Sainsbury's S106 money (circa £70,000) had not yet been done even though we had heard that Essex CC thought it had. Officers were asked to follow this up before signing the work off as completed.

The Health & Wellbeing Plan

This has now been refreshed. Cllr. Bentley asked if negotiations with developers over making house designs more accessible for elderly, disabled and those with degenerative illnesses like MND could be rolled out further to make the need for providing adaptations less costly.

Gateway to Homechoice

This is to replace the existing scheme for allocating housing. This will not be in place before Sep 2023 as there is a lot of prepatory work to be done. Due to pressures on the Housing department with staff caseloads already too high, finance was sought to employ more staff to allow the scheme to go forward. It should mean greater choice across the region for most of those on the register.